What is the point of breeding?Edit

At the base the point is to add another activity to do on site, to make it more interesting and add another dimension to playing. In its simplest form, the point is to get more cats, but the possibilities go beyond that. Many cats are not continuously circulated, so as time goes on they will no longer be available, so new users and those who may want that cat no longer can find it on their own, and will rely on those breeding said cat in order to get it. While the site has only existed for a few months at this point in time, in the future it will be much more interesting.

Which cats can breed?Edit

What determines which cats can breed is three things. These are age, gender and class. To be able to breed, both cats must be at Level 2, the final developed stage of a cat. One cat has to be female, the other male. Breeding classes is the final thing that determines whether or not two cats can breed. Each breeding class has their own restrictions on who they can breed with.

The YES/Domestic Breeding Class includes all domestic varieties of cats. These include the American Curl, Cymric, Japanese Bob, Moggy, Munchkin, Norwegian Forest Cat, Oriental, Persian, Scottish Fold, Ukrainian Levkoy and many more. All these breeds can breed with one another. This is the largest breeding class that exists.
The Fantasy Breeding Class have five different breeds. The Fleets, Druids, Selks, Fae and Droids. The different breeds cannot interbreed, however, they may breed within their own breed.
The Big Cat Breeding Class, like the Fantasy cats, cannot interbreed with other Big cat breeds (except in very rare cases). The Big Cat Breeding Class consists of the Leopard and Tiger and many others.
The Special Class are made up of Seasonal, Custom and Riddle cats that cannot breed with any other cat at all. In other words, they are unbreedables.

How do I breed them?Edit

Breeding cats requires a little bit of trial and error. First you'll need to head over to the Parchment store, located in the Southern City on the 3rd Street, and purchase a breeding certificate for 5000 kibs. Once you have purchased the certificate you will need to save up 200 kibs for the attempt. Head to the breeding page and select each cat name from the drop down list. Once you are ready, hit the "Let's Breed!" button and hope it works! You have a 90% chance of success, however, there is a chance that they don't breed. If they do breed, you will end up with either one, two or even three newborn kittens!