About Edit

The Mountain Place is a shop only found in the Mountains while exploring. It`s appearance when exploring the Mountains seems somewhat uncommon, but it does appear frequently. It includes five different species of Big Cats. These are: Leopard (1600 kibs), Lion (1000 kibs), Snow Leopard (1800 kibs), Tiger (1300 kibs) and Cheetah (1800 kibs).

Once entered, this message along with the available cats appears: "Inside of the cabin it is warm and dimly lit. A content looking Snow Leopard is laying on top of a cashier desk. She greets you with a rumble as you enter. 'Welcome to The Mountain Place. I sell orphaned big cats here from many reaches of the island.'"

How To Edit

You notice a strange door in the mountain side...Enter

The enter text will be highlighted blue, showing its a link. By clicking it, you'll be taken to the shop. By selecting the kittens you would like, you hit purchase to finalize.

This page can be reached at any time by putting /mountainplace after .net in the URL.